The End of the Summer Season

Tonight, the USNA Band will perform our Dock Finale.  It should be a great show!  I will be performing with the Concert Band, Brass Quintet and the Crabtowne Stompers.  It is a lot of playing but is only a microcosm of what this summer has been like.  We have performed a lot this summer season, including  late nights followed by early mornings.  Summer is always like this and it reminds me of why I need to focus on fundamental trumpet playing.  Through the year, I try to work on fundamentals daily.  The summer, however, is just a game of survival, so I can't always get in long practice sessions.  I often times need to trust the work I've done leading up to the summer and lean on that work for a couple of months.  It's always a good lesson for me and this summer has been no different.  Following tonight's concert, I will go to bed and then wake up at 5am for a parade.  Then, I will say goodbye to yet another successful summer season.  At that point, it will be back to basics!